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The Human Brain Can Hold a Ridiculous Amount of Storage

If your brain was a memory card, it can hold an estimated whopping 1 petabyte! If you didn't know what a petabyte is, it is 1000 terabytes, or 1,000,000 gigabytes. To put this in perspective it, the iPhone 6 can only hold 164 GB (gigabytes). Thus your brain can hold over 600,000% more than an iPhone 6! In fact if you were to fill your brain with music in the form of mp3s, it would take you about 2,000 years to play them all!

But even with all that storage capacity you might be wondering why it's often hard to remember what you read a day before. Well the reason for that is that even though your brain can hold a lot of data, accessing any specific data is not that simple. Also, most of your brains function are for your everyday body functions such as, breathing, thinking, and simply living; which often goes unnoticed by us that our brain is doing all that. This is especially clear in the artificial intellegience and robotics industry where trying to replicate the human brain is seemly an impossible task; but impossible seems to be losing its meaning with the rate of technology is advancing...

Source: http://www.popsci.com/human-brain-could-store-10-times-more-memories-than-previously-thought

The Human Brain Can Hold a Ridiculous Amount of Storage
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