The Entire Human Race in a Sugar Cube

Wow! This may sound like an absurd statement, but in fact there is a lot of truth to it. The reason stems from the very nature of the atomic and sub-atomic particles that make up everything around us. Atoms make up all humans, and pretty much everything else in the universe, but they are suprisingly empty. In fact, an atom is made up of almost entirely empty space, while it's "solid" part can be considered the nucleus. The atom can be viewed as our solar system, the nucleus as the sun, and electrons as the planets rotating around the sun.

With matter being almost entirely empty space, enough so that the entire human race can fit into the volume of a sugar cube when only the "solid" parts are taken into consideration, this fact raises some rather deep philosophical questions. Questions such as if we are all mostly empty space, then what does that truly make us? Are we infact simply nothing? Is the world and everything around it even real? What about our thoughts and feelings, are they even real or... our own? Anyways these questions are a little beyond the scope of this article but I'll leave them there for you to ponder!


The Entire Human Race in a Sugar Cube
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