Interesting Facts

Learn something new by checking out some of these amazing, bizarre, profound, and very interesting facts about we as humans as well as the world around us!

STUDY: Political Beliefs Are Similar To Religious Beliefs 40% Of The World Is Free The Iraq War Death Toll Modern Slavery Is Bigger Than Imagined
Seven Percent of All People Born Are Living Now Teleportation is Science Fact There are over 1.2 Billion cars in the world You can recognize people of your own race easier
We are made of stars Almost 1 Billion Guns in the World There are over a billion websites worldwide The Human Brain Can Hold a Ridiculous Amount of Storage
The Entire Human Race in a Sugar Cube Pyramid of Giza took 20 years to build Pokemon Go made Nintendo billions We feed farm animals for than we do humans
1.9 Billion Servings of Coca-Cola Products Consumed Daily The Black Death Killed Millions of People Dung Beetle is the World's Strongest Animal Your Phone is More Powerful than Moon Landing Computers
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