The funniest and most hilarious percentage photos and memes from around the web!

Mathematics is 100% Magic When Your Phones at 1% Little Girl Saved Fish From Drowning Abstinence is Effective 99.99% of the Time
Earth, Land Pie Chart Invisibility Cloaks, 50% Off 60% of the time, It Works Every Time Always Give 100% Unless You're Giving Blood
Loading Afro, 50% Complete 25% Funny, 85% Bad at Math A Year In Canada Pie Chart Bought Clothes Last Week, Now Its 50% Off
Why I Go to School Pie Chart High Security Password Pie Chart How Sexual Education Goes Pie Chart What I learn From Group Projects Pie Chart
Dr Evil: Zero Percent Chance of Rain Life is 10% What Happens to You Find X, Here it is. Complaining About Minor Problems To the Cashier
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